Technology overview

The Certua platform is hosted using Amazon Web Services virtual private cloud infrastructure. All resources are located in the UK or EU data centres and benefit from best practice data centre security controls.

Applications, services and databases are deployed to either virtual machine or containerised infrastructure, with managed services used to simplify the provision and maintenance of the platform.

Our customer facing applications are developed using a modern frontend JavaScript framework and made available using a high capacity Content Delivery Network.

Network and application security is manged by our DevOps team, using secure architecture patterns and practices, least privilege principle for access and multi-factor authentication is applied to our key systems.

Services are exposed through an API Gateway to provide an additional layer of abstraction and control, while providing a more consistent experience for integration partner’s.

The key benefits of the technical design and technologies used by the platform are:

  • Availability: The platform uses high availability features to support an uptime of 99.9%
  • Extensibility: Decoupled platform components allows for solutions to be tailored and extended to specific use cases. Individual services can be monitored, extended and scaled independently.
  • Performance: The platform uses various strategies to distribute workloads to make sure that performance be can scaled to meet demand. A prime example of this is the distributed event streaming platform and horizontally scalable architecture used to ensure that the performance of our Insights API aggregation and augmentation pipelines can scale to meet demand.
  • Bandwidth/Latency: Our cloud hosting provider ensures optimal bandwidth is available for our services. With hosting regions available in multiple locations world-wide, we can ensure low latency.