Platform Overview

Platform architecture key objectives

The Certua team is committed to the development of an embedded finance platform to support transformative digital propositions that address systemic issues in the most inefficient markets in Financial Services.

The ongoing design, architecture and development of the platform is accomplished through the following key objectives:

  • Use a core set of common components and services to support different financial services use cases from insurance to loans
  • Build and configure propositions using decoupled and extensible components
  • Promote behaviour defined through configuration rather than code
  • Reduce operational overhead and risk by prioritising resilience and scalability in design or process decisions
  • Encourage the use of Open Source software, containerisation and managed services
  • Focus on components and features that delivering added value directly to customers and partners
  • Ensure access to the best design and development frameworks, components and tools
  • Promote software development and DevOps best practices
  • Use continuous testing, monitoring and feedback to improve the quality of each release
  • Encourage a culture of transparency, communication, and collaboration across development, operations, the business and partners