Development methodology

The ongoing development and maintenance of the platform by the Certua team is done following an iterative and incremental approach called Scrum. The goal of Scrum is to provide high-quality products sooner, with faster feedback cycles and promoting continuous improvement.

The team has the firm foundation of Scrum values for process and principles, with an emphasis on teamwork and continuous improvement:

  • Commitment. Because we have great control over our own destiny, we become more committed to success.
  • Focus. Because we focus on only a few things at a time, we work well together and produce excellent work. We deliver valuable items sooner.
  • Openness. As we work together, we practice expressing how we're doing and what's in our way. We learn that it is good to express concerns so that they can be addressed.
  • Respect. As we work together, sharing successes and failures, we come to respect each other and to help each other become worthy of respect.
  • Courage. Because we are not alone, we feel supported and have more resources at our disposal. This gives us the courage to undertake greater challenges.