High Availability

The platform applies architecture patterns and design choices that allow components and services to be resilient to failures.

High availability features of AWS are used for automatic failover of our production services in the event of an outage in a single availability zone.

The Apache Kafka event streaming platform is at the core of our data aggregation and augmentation services. Designed to be highly scalable and fault tolerant, Apache Kafka is ideal for is mission-critical.

Service components are containerised and accessed through in internal API gateway which is continually monitored using CloudWatch. This approach allows detailed real-time performance metrics to be used route and prioritise workloads to different container instances.

Robust automated database backup and recovery procedures are in place with full daily snapshots and 5 minute transaction log backups.

Automatic failover of our production database servers in the event of an outage in a single availability zone allows for a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of close to zero for recovery from an complete outage of our primary database server instance.

The predicted time for a full restore of a database backup from a snapshot is less than hour.