Changes in Version 1.7

Breaking Changes in responses

  • So far we were providing integer output in property PaymentMethodType (e.g. 0, 2). In order to improve end user experience, we did change content of this property to be rather description (e.g. GoCardlessVariablePremium),
  • We did add property BillingFrequency, which provides information how often client is charged. All changes are described bellow:

Changes in Policy Response
{{"number": "XXX-101-001923", "policyStatus": "Application", ... "paymentMethod": "GoCardlessVariablePremium", ... "id": "ec1d47f9-9762-ea11-80f3-000c29a02dbe"}}

Changes in Calculate Policy Price Response
{{"policyId": "ec1d47f9-9762-ea11-80f3-000c29a02dbe", "premiums": [{{"paymentMethodType": "GoCardlessVariablePremium", "premium": 12.93}} ]}}

Changes in Quote Response
{{"number": "XXX-101-001923", ... "totalPremium": 12.93, "billingFrequency": "Monthly", "quotePremiums": [{{"paymentMethodType": "GoCardlessVariablePremium", "premium": 12.93, "billingFrequency": "Monthly"}}], ... "id": "ea1c47f9-9762-ea11-80f3-000c29a02dbe"}}

New Features

  • Quote response was extended to use property BillingFrequency to know, for what period TotalPremium was calculated - at main level under TotalPremium property and at QuotePremium level under Premium property,
  • A new property OldTotalPremium added to QuoteResponse, properties PremiumMonthlyPayment and PremiumYearlyPayment added to Quote Premium level. PremiumMonthlyPayment contains information /date and amount/ about the first and second upcoming payment.

PremiumYearlyPayment contains information about charge/refund based on differences on old and new (MTA) price.

New MTA endpoints added

  • GET /api/policies/mta/{{policyId}}/quoteParameters
  • GET /api/policies/mta/{{policyId}}/actions/getEffectiveDates
  • POST /api/policies/mta/{{policyId}}/preQuotes
  • POST /api/preQuotes/mta/{{preQuoteId}}/quotes
  • POST /api/quotes/mta/{{quoteId}}/policies
  • POST /api/policies/mta/{{policyId}}/quotes
  • POST /api/policies/mta/{{id}}/actions/completePolicy