Changes in Version 1.4

New Features

  • It is now possible to download a Direct Debit mandate in PDF format using the following request GET /api/policies/{{policyId}}/directDebitMandates/pdfUrl.

Deprecation Notice: Underwriting Session Consolidation Nodes

  • Support for consolidation nodes in underwriting session API request and response payloads is deprecated this release.
  • To ensure backwards compatibility the system will ignore any consolidation nodes appearing in an actions/nextStep request payload and instead use the consolidation nodes defined in the underwriting rulebase.
  • Consolidation node appearing in the response payload should be ignored.
  • In a future release the system consolidation nodes will no longer be returned as part of the actions/firstStep or actions/nextStep response payloads and the system will return an error if consolidation nodes are included in a request payload.