Changes in Version 1.15

Breaking Changes
Following properties was removed under LinkedPerson sub-object of request and response objects for POST /api/organisations and PATCH /api/organisations/{{id}} endpoints:

  • MiddleName
  • MaidenName
  • BirthDate
  • BirthCountry
  • Gender
  • MaritalStatus
  • SmokerStatus
  • Title
  • OtherTitle
  • Salutation
  • Nationality
  • Residency

Two optional properties was added to request and response objects mentioned above:

  • EmailAddress
  • PhoneNumber

Id property was also added to request object of PATCH /api/organisations/{{id}} endpoint from following reasons:

  • To identify linked person which we want to update.
  • When incorrect Id is provided validation excpetion is thrown.
  • When Id is not provided then new linked person is created. But in this case the request object has to contain all required properties for LinkedPerson sub-object.

Following properties was removed from Create Policy request object for POST /api/quotes/{{quoteId}}/policies endpoint because they was not used for any product and these paramaters do not match expected new functionality:

  • PlatformId
  • ReinsurerId
  • CompanyId